First Arts

First Arts Spark and First Arts Academy Sign-Ups are now closed.

We will have in-person registration on Sunday, January 9 at 5:00 pm.
Please download the registration forms below if you would like to fill out your kid's sign-up information ahead of time. We will have an up-to-date list of the tracks for sign-up available on January 9.

Sign-Ups for First Arts Spark, First Arts Academy and Mosaic launched on Sunday, December 5th 


First Arts Spark is for kiddos ages 3 through pre-K! They will move and wiggle, sing and dance, create and interact all while learning Scripture verses, Bible truths, and just how much God loves them!

First Arts Academy

First Arts Academy is for kids in Kindergarten through 6th grade. This ministry provides opportunities for kids to learn and develop lifelong arts skills with an emphasis on beginning and deepening a personal relationship with Christ and using their skills in worship. There are a variety of tracks to choose from including dance, violin, keyboard, 1st Steps in Music, What's Cooking, Bible Drill, and more!


Mosaic is for our student ministry – 7th through 12th graders.  They will grow in their understanding of what worship is, and how to plan and lead a worship service. The track option swill include musical and non-musical skills, including leadership, how to study and communicate the Bible, choir, worship band, and more! 

First Arts Academy Tracks offered for 2022

1st Steps in Music

Grades K-2
Highly physical track in which students will sing, play, and move in order to find their singing voices and begin to internalize steady beat.


Grades 3-6
Instruction will include appropriate use of the instrument, study of simple chordal harmony, & accompaniment of simple melodies.
A ukulele will be provided for students who do not have access to one. Home practice will be expected.


Grades K-6
Ballet instructions that include beginning, processing, & performance level. Beginning & progressing tracks will focus on learning dance class structures as well as developing movement abilities.
Mandatory supplies for all dance tracks - Ballet Slippers

Junior Bells

Grades K-3
Students will be introduced to the unique skill of playing handbells using the instruments known as choir chimes. Instruction will include beginning technique skills, steady beat practice, & early ensemble playing. Some classes will also include instruction in reading simple music notation.

Build It

Grades K-6
God is our awesome Creator & he made us to be creative too. Come ready to build, create, & explore!

What's Cooking?

Grades K-6
Food brings people together. Kids will learn a variety of recipes they can share with their friends & family, along with other skills related to showing hospitality to others. When we welcome others, we can share the love of Jesus with them!

"It's Cool in the Furnace"
Musical Drama Track

Grades 3-6
A NEW musical drama track!
Students choosing this track must also choose the Musical Choral Track. One additional track may be chosen.

"It's Cool in the Furnace"
Musical Choral Track

Grades 3-6
A NEW musical choral track!
Students choosing this track must also choose the Musical drama Track. One additional track may be chosen.

"It's Cool in the Furnace"
Musical Dance Track

Grades 3-6
A NEW musical dance track!
Students choosing this track must also choose the Musical Choral and drama Track. No additional tracks may be chosen.

Outdoor Adventures

Grades K-6
Learn about the natural world God has created! Kids will learn about different aspects of the great outdoors, along with practical skills that will help them become safer & more capable explorers of God's creation.
Potential topics include: Forest creatures; Caves & Cave Dwellers; Ponds, Creeks, & Lakes; First Aid; Hiking & Camping; Map Skills; Water Safety; Ropes & Knots; & Weather


Grades 2-6
 Classes will be offered at 3 learning levels. Student placement is determined by the string staff & based on previous experience & progress attained. Instruments will be provided for students who do not have access to one. Home practice will be expected.

Intro to Bible Drill

Grades K-2
This track is an introduction to Bible Drill for younger kids! Learn Books of the Bible, Memory Verses, and basic Bible Drill through lots of fun and games.

Bible Drill

Grades 3-6
Bible Drill is FUN! Kids learn to memorize scripture, gain confidence in their knowledge of the Bible and their ability to quickly locate significant passages with ease. We learn all this through fun games and challenges. This short season of time is one that will benefit your kid forever as God uses His word to comfort, guide and teach them for their whole life. Competitions include church, association and state (3rd grade only participates in Church Competition). The year ends with a reward trip for all participants!
3rd - 6th Grade.
Bible Drill counts for all 3 track choices. No other tracks may be chosen


Grades K-6
Students of all ages with little to no exposure will be introduced to music theory, reading music, hand positions, & playing beginning levels of music. There will be an emphasis on basic note recognition. keyboard finger positions & rhythmic accuracy to enhance keyboard development outside of the classroom. Students with some keyboard experience will learn to read musical notation in both treble & bass clefs, including the playing of simple 5 finger melodies with chords. Emphasis will continue on hand position, note recognition, & rhythmic accuracy. In addition there will be a focus on independent playing using appropriate literature for each individual student.


Grades K-6
Instrumental track which incorporates a variety of percussion instruments. Emphasis will be placed on the development of mallet percussion skills & basic music skills in the concept areas of beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, form, & expression.

Mosaic Tracks offered for 2022


Explore your creative side with canvas and assorted media to express worship of our Creator!


Learn essential skills in launching into adulthood well!

Worship Band

Learn music in a modern worship style to present on Wednesdays!

Worship Media

Learn how to run sound, lights, video, and visuals in a worship service!