Thursday, January 26, 2022

Jan 26, 2023

Listen to the Word

Then I heard the voice of the Lord.  (Isaiah 6:8a)


We have seen so far that “I’m amazed” and “I’m sorry” are important words for the worshipper. The next important phrase is “I’m listening.” Paying attention to God’s voice is a crucial ingredient of true worship. Isaiah heard God speak, and so can we.

We don’t often come to a worship experience expecting to hear from God. We expect a sermon, some songs, and maybe even a case of spiritual goosebumps on a good day. But we don’t really expect communication from the King of the Cosmos. Yet he is speaking - sometimes words of comfort, sometimes a challenge, sometimes a call to service - always exactly what we need. Are we listening?


Live the Word

Ask God to speak to you today. Then pay special attention to what you hear from Christian friends, what you read, and what happens around you, seeking to discern God’s voice in each area.