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Everybody you know is in a battle. Maybe the enemy is debt. Maybe it is addiction or cancer. Maybe they are fighting against hopelessness and despair. All of us are at war with some powerful enemies. God is going to work in our midst in the next few weeks to strengthen us and equip us for the fight of our lives. We will be exploring Scripture through a series of messages called “Battles.” Each week we will find practical help for our struggles, all of it centered around one critical truth: the battle belongs to the Lord! You are not in this fight by yourself – the God of angel armies is right in the middle of it with you. And he can’t be defeated.

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One of our church's priorities is to equip you to live out your faith on a daily basis. To help you do that, we have entered a partnership with RightNow Media that allows you to have access to tons of encouraging video resources. RightNow Media is "Gospel Netflix" - including everything from Bible study videos to money management resources to "Veggie Tales". You'll find resources for women, men, couples, singles, teens, and kids. Access to this library of resources is a gift from the church and is free for you to use. Use the "Get Started" button below to get started!
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