Episode 12

May 26, 2021    Dr. Blake McKinney

Do you ever have doubts? Are there things you've been taught about God that maybe you want to believe but you're just not sure? Maybe you're a logical person and things just don't make sense. Maybe you're an emotional person and you haven't really felt God's presence. If you're a doubter...welcome to healthy growing Christianity. Doubt is normal. The key is not the strength of your faith; the key is the strength of the object of your faith. Join Pastor Blake as he explains why doubt is a normal and healthy part of anyone's journey with Christ.

Verses Mentioned:
"I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!" Matthew 9:24

The Pause: Could you use a little spiritual recharge in the middle of your week? This series of brief videos is designed to help you step away from the craziness of life for just a moment, to receive some practical encouragement from God. Let's get ready to learn and grow.

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