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First Arts Academy Tracks offered for Spring 2023

Kindergarten-5th grade

1st Steps in Music

Grades K-1
Highly physical track in which kids will sing, play, and move in order to find their singing voices and begin to internalize steady beat.


Grades K-5
Calling all makers and creators! Kids will use a variety of art supplies to explore their creative side while learning how God designed them to be creative like He is!


Grades K-5
Ballet instruction that include beginning, progressing, & performance levels. Beginning & progressing tracks will focus on learning dance class structures as well as developing movement abilities.
Mandatory supplies for all dance tracks - Ballet Slippers

Music Games

Grades 3-5
A variety of music activities including Orff instruments, bells, and parachutes!

Sign Language

Grades K-5
Kids will be introduced to fundamental sign language hand movements with a focus on worship music interpretation.

What's Cooking?

Grades K-5
Food brings people together. Kids will learn a variety of recipes they can share with their friends & family, alone with other skills related to showing hospitality to others. When we welcome others, we can share the love of Jesus with them!
This track repeats skills and recipes taught in Spring 2022


Grades 2-5
Classes will be offered at 3 learning levels. Kids placement is determined by the teachers and is based on: 1. previous experience 2. development of playing technique and notation reading.
Instruments are provided for kids in all levels of instruction. 

Bracelet Making

Grades K-5
What does it mean to be a good friend? How do we act like Jesus in the way we treat our friends? Kids will explore these ideas and more as they learn how to make a variety of bracelets for themselves and their friends!


Grades K-5
God is really cool (and he has made some really cool things!) so come ready to build, create, & explore! This track will have hands-on interactive STEM activities designed to allow kids to explore our indescribably awesome God and his creation.

Outdoor Adventures

Grades K-5
Learn about the natural world God has created! Kids will learn about different aspects of the great outdoors, along with practical skills that will help them become safer & more capable explorers of God's creation.
Potential topics include: Forest creatures; Caves & Cave Dwellers; Ponds, Creeks, & Lakes; First Aid; Hiking & Camping; Map Skills; Water Safety; Ropes & Knots; & Weather

Keyboard Lab

Grades K-5
Kids will be introduced to basic piano skills and music fundamentals in a group setting. Kids will use individual electronic keyboards to play together with the goal of learning to play as an ensemble.


Grades K-5
Instrumental track which incorporates a variety of percussion instruments. Emphasis will be placed on the development of mallet and stick percussion skills. There will be tracks offered to younger and older kids. Both levels will cover basic music skills in the concept areas of beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, form and expression. Tracks for older kids will include basic percussion notation.

Mosaic Tracks offered for Spring 2023

6th-12th Grade



Learn the basics of writing music and lyrics for worship songs, and write an actual song for use in worship at FBCLS.


Take the next step in your guitar journey by learning basic chords and strum patterns to use in a worship setting.

Worship Tech

Gain practical experience in running ProPresenter, Light boards, and Sound Boards.


Practice stage presence, expression, and quick thinking necessary for skits, plays, and improv.


Home Repair

Worship Planning

Learn the art of maintaining your home and other things.
Get behind the scenes in planning a worship service, and learn the software we use to communicate the plan to all involved

The Basics

Video Production

Learn the basics of having a devotional life: How to read the Bible, Pray, and Journal
Get experience in running cameras and recording quality video.

Kitchen Crew

Learn to cook meals as you prepare food for your friends in Mosaic every week!


Mosaic Choir

Join us in choir!